Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day!

This weekend was super busy, so I totally forgot about St. Patrick's Day. Until this morning.
So, what can you do if you are unprepared but want to make today fun (and throw some learning in there, too)?

Try BrainPop for a fun St. Patrick's Day video. It's a little over small one's heads, but even if they get one or two things from the video, it's worth a shot! Or do a little reading about St. Patrick online.

Grab a box of Lucky Charms! The possibilities are endless. I grabbed a few sheets of computer paper and drew up some worksheets really fast. Try tallying, sorting by color, counting, graphing, inequalities ( rainbows > balloons), or an introduction to addition.

Separate the shapes into piles.

Next, add some learning. 
Above left: I drew the shapes and had my youngest count by category. Remember, have them move the pieces as they count! (For my older ones, they drew the shapes on their own, then counted an tallied)
Above Right: Introduction to addition! Make piles (hats + hearts = put them together and have them count).
Bottom: Graphing! Help them draw lines and figure this out. This is a great time to examine the graph and draw conclusions (most, least, etc)

No Lucky Charms? How about gold wrapped candy (leprechaun loot)? Teach positional words (under, next to, beside, over, etc). Hide the candy around the room and give clues using positional words. If this is easy, give multi-step directions. For example: Walk next to the chair, crawl under it, and look under the couch. 

If all else fails, make sure you're wearing green! :) We are off for a four leaf clover hunt! 

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