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Reagan Disharoon
Raegan is a homeschooling mom to three children. Raegan is licensed in Virgina, certified to teach PreK-6th grade. Raegan taught Kindergarten and first grade before she had her first child. While teaching, Raegan had dozens of parents come in for mini lessons themselves on how to help their children at home; they weren't even sure how to help, much less prepare their children for school. Not knowing where to even begin with their child is one of the most difficult things, along with progression.  How do you being teaching letters? Handwriting? Letter sounds? What happens when they just aren't interested or aren't "getting it"? Which step comes first? Add that to preparation time, lack of experience, and difficulty with structuring these activities and formatting them to suit the needs of a family/child, and it can be overwhelming at the very least.

Raegan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

Valerie Plowman
Valerie is the mom to four children. Valerie has a Bachelor of Science degree in English with an emphasis on Technical Writing and a minor in Speech Communications. Valerie is an excellent, highly organized writer who graduated named “Top Graduate” in her class. Valerie is the author of popular parenting advice blog Chronicles of a Babywise Mom

Valerie has spent a lot of time volunteering in schools, helping her children’s classes. She has also participated in conducting preschool playgroups for several of her children. She loves to teach her children at home as well as participate in their classes at school.

Both Authors
We are mothers and we have “walked the walk.” We each have children. We are stay at home moms. We know what it is like to juggle life with teaching our children. We know what it is like to try to do learning time with multiple children of different ages in tow. We appreciate the need for inexpensive, easy, useful activities that can be done with all three of our children. We are the moms we are writing for.

In addition, we are co-authors to a learning blog titled Children's Learning Activities.

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