Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bb is for Bear and Balloon

Here are a few practice sheets I made for practicing the letter Bb with your preschoolers!

Free to download and share! Click on B is for Bears for the B is for Bear handwriting work. With the first two rows of Bb, use a highlighter or crayon to trace them and get the hang of it before tracing over the dotted lines with a pencil.

Next, try Balloon Prints! Use an ink pad or washable paint. Read the number in each box and put the correct number of prints in each box. Add a string and you've got adorable balloons and a fun counting activity. 

In case you want Balloon Prints without the numbers, so you can customize it, here you go! 

If you want to reuse the sheet, try a sheet protector or laminating and using rocks, buttons, or just drawing with dry erase markers. 

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