Monday, April 13, 2015

Let's Go Shopping!

Oh, this was so much fun. My youngest liked it so much he begged to keep playing long after the lesson was finished.
One of my kiddos really needed some work with counting money. Worksheets and and apps can be fun, but shopping? Pretend play with mommy and siblings? Even better!
I have 3 kids, so I put out three towels. This way I can separate activities and skill between kids. Their station was specifically set up for them (with about 2 minutes of prep). I asked each kid to choose any 5 items they would like and lay them out on a towel. I walked around and priced each item according to the skill they are learning. My youngest is counting pennies (essentially just counting with the 1-1 value of a penny). My middle was working on counting nickels and dimes. My oldest worked on "store math." Meaning if something costs $3.56 at the store, you don't count out 56 pennies. You give them most convenient amount to you and expect change. So she could give me a $5 bill, or 4 ones, or 3 ones and 2 quarters and a dime. The list goes on and on. BUT she had to also tell me how much change to expect back. 

So they read the price tag, used their real money in their banks, and stood in line to buy the items. 

Skills: counting, 1-1 correspondence, recognizing coin names, adding.

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